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The service at Samantha's Restaurant is always very attentive. The food always comes out perfect and efficiently. It always tastes great!

I love the variety they have in the menu here. Especially for a smaller restaurant. Everything I've tried so far has been great and I can't wait to try the rest of the menu. I would definitely recommend stopping in and checking this place out.

I've dined at Samantha's Restaurant probably 10-12 times and will continue to keep going there. We usually have the same server, who we love, but the couple times we haven't they have all been great.

We've always enjoyed eating at Samantha's Restaurant. We usually have the same server but even when it's someone different they are always great. Good food, good service.

I appreciate all of the great service from Samantha's Restaurant every time we go. The food is always great and it is always a great place to take the family. My favorite part is desert because they always have something delicious.

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