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When they are all done working on my car, it looks as good as new. I could not be more satisfied to have worked with the people at Thorpe's Body Shop.

Awesome shop. They did a great job making sure that my cars (a 2002 Jeep and a 2007 pickup) were done on time and restoring it back to looking new. I would definitely recommend them. They do great work.

At Thorpe's Body Shop you can tell they really take their time to make sure the work that they do is done well. They cleaned up my car very nicely; I will be sure to return to the shop in the future and to tell all my friends and family members to do the same.

The people I worked with at Thorpe's Body Shop were great. They really knew what they were doing! Everything was done on time too which was great.

I got in a fender bender a little while ago and I found relief in bringing my car to Thorpe's Body Shop. They took great care of me.

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