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There are no words to describe how comforting it is to know there is a place you can take your beloved pets when you have to be away from home! A place they love and where they are taken care of just as well as they are at home.

We were recently out of the country for a week, and I emailed Ruffner's on two occasions to see how my dog was doing. They immediately emailed me back, told me she was doing well, and I was tremendously relieved. They are wonderful.

They let me tour their facilities before I kept my dog there. The area was so clean and well ventilated. As for the location it is very conveniently located.

Ruffner's is like a second family to my dog, Annie. It is the one place she is willing to go and leave me without separation anxiety. I feel totally at ease when I know she is there.

I found Ruffner's to have very reasonable prices when I brought my dog here to be groomed. I'll definitely be going back!

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