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Ms. Debby always has her students best interest at heart and devotes so much of her time to them. I never felt that it was a studio about money, but about educating young dancers and making them great people as well.

I have multiple children that go to Debby Dillehay Dance classes. It inst just a dance studio it is like an extended family. Debbie and her staff are the best at what they do and I feel like my kids are not just another number but an important part of their class.

I love how Debby is able to each all ages and do it so well. She changes her techniques depending on the age and makes it appropriate for them. I honestly cant imagine going anywhere else, they are just amazing here.

This studio is great because it does not only teach the kids dance but they teach the kids great family values as well.

Debbie is a great teacher, she teaches girls to dance but also act like little girls including costumes and dance moves.

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