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Debbie is a great teacher, she teaches girls to dance but also act like little girls including costumes and dance moves.

For anyone looking for a studio that teacher proper dancing techniques and works hard to make your child enjoy dance then Debby Dillehay is the place for you.

DDD cares about the child as a whole. It is a wonderful dance school that teaches little girls to still be and act like little girls, including costumes as well as dance moves.

I have three children that attend Debby Dillehay Dancers and they all love it. They are all able to take different classes and each have something they like. All the teachers are great and we are so glad we found this studio.

Debby Dillehay Dance Studio was a wonderful experience for both myself and my daughter. I moved my daughter to this studio based on the education of the owner, the organization of the school, and the caring environment that Ms. Debby provided.

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