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Debbie is a great teacher, she teaches girls to dance but also act like little girls including costumes and dance moves.

I am so thankful that my kids are a part of the Debby Dillehay Dance Studio Family! My daughter has learned so much! I love it.

I have three children that attend Debby Dillehay Dancers and they all love it. They are all able to take different classes and each have something they like. All the teachers are great and we are so glad we found this studio.

I have two daughters that attend Debby Dillehay Dancers. They love it because they make sure to help each child individually with what they are struggling with. They are very good at what they do and you can tell how much everyone loves being there, children and the teachers.

The teachers here are great. They love all the kids and really help them in so many different ways. It helps make them more confident and really love to dance. It is such a fun and great thing for your child to do and here at Debby Dillehay Dancers they do it right.

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