Bonzer's Sandwich Pub
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Bonzer's Sandwich Pub is great. They are reasonably priced and their food is very good.

Bonzer's gets a top rating. The staff is cheerful, the service is good, the food is tasty, the beverages are cold, they have lively music and the patrons are friendly. Always an enjoyable time.

Bonzer's Sandwich Pub is my favorite spot in town. The always serve delicious food and their staff are very friendly.

Every chance I get I go to Bonzer's Sandwich Pub. It is a great place to eat. The waitresses are very friendly and the food is super.

This is an awesome place where friends gather and even meet new friends. They have great casual food and drinks and you get the casual feel of a restaurant with the party feel of a bar. Simply a good place to go and be.

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