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Holmdel Preschool is everything a parent is looking for in a school for their child. It is such a safe and nurturing environment and the hours are fantastic.

Holmdel Preschool has an incredible staff that truly cares for each student and their families. They go above and beyond to accomodate everyone\'s different needs. They have high standards and I am consistently impressed with the level of lessons being taught.

All of the activities and learning techniques are very hands on and engaging where the kids are intrigued.

My son has been at Holmdel Preschool for two years and I am pleased to say that I have not seen any signs of a television, which you do see in other schools in before and aftercare programs. I know that my son will be prepared for kindergarten in every way.

Thank you so much Holmdel Preschool for the remarkable educational experience that you have provided my children with. The community is quite fortunate to have a facility such as yours as you truly are a brand unto yourself defining early childhood education.

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