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I have been a customer of Drain Saver for a long time. We give them a call when our sinks or bathtub are clogged. They always do a great job and deliver. We could not ask for more and already recommend them to our friends.

A month ago something was backing up our whole system and we couldn't get it unclogged. We called Drain Saver and they came in and completely took care of it. They stuck a camera down the drain, found the problem and then fixed it. We are so happy they could come and help us so quickly!

The work that the team at Drain Saver completed for me was prompt and they were attentive to my questions and concerns.

Drain Saver snaked our bathtub and almost every drain in our house. My wife has a lot of hair to say the least..They did a very good job. Scale of 1-5 I would give them a 5.

Customer service is definitely a top priority! We had a clog and needed the drain snaked. They came as soon as they could, and were in an out. They told us what to be aware of if this situation happens again. We will call on them for all of our plumbing needs.

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