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Before Kelly's Tire Mart Brake conduct service on my ca they call me and make sure I know what is gong on with my car.

I think the service is pretty good. They try to treat people the right way and if you have a problem they try to get you in right away and get it fixed.

I brought in my Hyundai Sonata to Kelly's to get some work done. The technicians did a great job! I really like that they treat people the right way here. Great staff.

Dave's done great work for me and became one of my great friends. They get us in and out quick and always have great service you do not get anywhere else. I give them 5 stars any day, and have been going there for 15 years. Would recommend Kelly's Tire Mart to anyone in the middleborough Massachusetts area.

I've been taking my car to Kelly's for about 6 years or so and they're great. Everybody gives us great service and treats us nicely.

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