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My daughter had terrible vision and the eye surgery done by Laser Eye Center of Lubbock completely corrected her vision. They are extremely good, they did an excellent procedure.

The experiences I have had at Laser Eye Center Of Lubbock have all been very good. I will always go back. Highly recommended.

I was so shocked at how well I could see after my surgery at the Laser Eye Center of Lubbock. They explained the whole procedure to me from start to finish really well. I didn't even feel a thing.

Laser Eye Center of Lubbock does quick screening with little wait time, which is great. They also have a very professional and friendly staff.

The staff at Laser Eye Center of Lubbock were friendly and helpful. The doctor did an excellent cataract eye surgery for me. Before the surgery he told me everything to expect so there were no surprises. I did not have to wait on any appointments or my surgery time. This is a very excellent eye clinic.

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