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I like that when I call Ray Peterson's office they don't try to put me on hold, or say they'll try to find something out later. They give me the answers I need when I need them.

Ray Peterson gives you answers. When you ask a question, they follow-up. To me, that is a major sign that they are on the ball and have their clients in mind. If you're looking for an insurance company this one is definitely worth checking out.

I first looked in to Ray Peterson Insurance after hearing about them from my neighbor. Now I recommend them to others looking for their services because they've been really good for me.

Ray Peterson Insurance does really diligent research. They come up with good cost savings for me, and I can rely on them to find the best insurance.

Ray Peterson Insurance does a good job. I can trust that they are there for me, and they are a well-run organization. They are the insurance company for me.

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