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Ray Peterson Insurance is a huge help. They always keep me informed on new coverage and discounts.

I've been getting my life insurance from Ray Peterson Insurance for close to 25 years now. When I started there I would get calls from my agent any time there was a discount I might qualify for, or some new coverage they thought I would be interested in. It's good to know that they were looking out for my well being when I didn't have all the resources at my fingertips.

Ray Peterson gives you answers. When you ask a question, they follow-up. To me, that is a major sign that they are on the ball and have their clients in mind. If you're looking for an insurance company this one is definitely worth checking out.

Ray Peterson Insurance does a good job. I can trust that they are there for me, and they are a well-run organization. They are the insurance company for me.

We're real happy with Ray Peterson Insurance. I've had zero problems since working with him.

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