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The staff at Dale's Insurance Agency are very knowledgeable. They are great to have on your side.

I am happier working with Dales Insurance Agency than I was with my previous agency. I feel that I am kept informed of different offers at Dales. I like that they don't leave me guessing. The prices are competitive and the service is unbeatable.

I have filed two claims with Dale's Insurance Agency. Both of them went by pretty quickly and I was happy with the outcome.

Jeff and Robin of Dale's Insurance Agency are great. They are the absolute best. If you are in the market for an insurance agent I'd recommend coming here. They will help you with any of your needs.

The staff members at Dale's Insurance Agency are excellent. I feel like the price is great, and that no one I have worked with before has even come close to these rates. What I like even better than the pricing has been the service they have provided during our working relationship.

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