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I am confident knowing that I am covered by Dale's Insurance Agency. I feel that my agent is always looking out for me and is always looking for the best services for my situation.

I have been with Dale's for quite a while but thankfully have not had to deal with them very often, however, they always keep me updated on new coverages and discounts.

I am happier working with Dales Insurance Agency than I was with my previous agency. I feel that I am kept informed of different offers at Dales. I like that they don't leave me guessing. The prices are competitive and the service is unbeatable.

Dale's Insurance Agency is the best. I have been coming here for about five years now and I have always felt as though my agent is always looks out for me and looks for the best services for my situation.

Dale's took care of a car accident I was involved in and when I called Jeff for renter's insurance he had a plan together in 10 minutes.

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