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I think that Prime Payroll is the best. Each and every week they somehow prepare over 100 checks for us in just one day. If we ever need anything questions answered, the staff is great and can help us with anything.

I have always had great service in the past 13 years that I have been doing business with Prime Payroll Relief. They have always answered and given me solutions to any questions or problems that I might have asked about. If you are looking for a payroll solution I would strongly recommend Prime Payroll Relief.

Prime Payroll does a great job with our payroll. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and the staff is always great and helpful whenever I need anything from them. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for payroll or business services.

My husband found Prime Payroll I think they do a great job handling our business payroll and other finances.

I would definitely recommend Prime Payroll relief. They are extremely reliable, dependable, and very easy to work with.

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