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I have been following Dr. Donahue through all of the offices she has worked at. I recommend her and her staff all of the time. They are just wonderful.

Dr. Donahue is so great. I have very fussy teeth and she has done everything in her power to fix them and to make me feel better. She always goes the extra mile for her patients.

Dr. Donahue at Dry Creek Dentist is the best dentist I have ever gone to. Her staff are by far, the most polite that I have ever worked with.

I have been a patient at Dry Creek Dental for 20 years. the staff there shows the utmost professionalism, but are also extremely caring, friendly and helpful.

I don't think there is any way that Dr. Donahue or her staff could make me feel more comfortable when I come in for appointments. They do a great job of that as it is.

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