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I friend told me about the positive experience she has had with Dr. Donahue at Dry Creek Dental, so I decided to give the office a shot. Since trying her I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Dr. Donahue is awesome and everyone in the practice is always on top of things. It is really important to me that they can take emergency appointments if need be. That gives me great comfort.

There is nothing that the staff could do to make my experience at Dry Creek Dental better. They are all great and my appointments always go well.

I would definitely recommend Dry Creek to my friends and family. I have never had an issue scheduling an appointment.

I have been a patient at Dry Creek Dental for as long as I can remember. I like that they can get you into the office for an appointment quickly if you have an emergency. I broke a tooth playing football and Dr. Donahue fixed it with no problem.

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