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They do such a great job! Their quality of their work is top notch for the services that they provide.

Southern Star Tire & Automotive always go out of their way for you. They give me a Christmas Turkey every year!

We've been going to Southern Star Tire & Auto for 5 years. Kevin is always honest and knows what he's doing. He does all the maintenance on our van and my husband's truck and we have always been happy with the quality of work that he does on our vehicles.

My first time using them was on a split decision while driving by. Seneca is a small place and has a few good mechanics and Southern Star Tire & Automotive is one of them.

Southern Star Tire really went out of their way to help me when the breaks went on my car. It needed a new part that had to be ordered but I needed my car and couldn't wait for the part to come so they fixed it so it was still safe to drive until they could replace it. Now I use them all of the time as my mechanic.

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