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Their quality and service is top notch. I can't think of anything for them to do differently. They do a superb job.

I have an SUV and also a car. I have been taking them to Southern Star Tire & Automotive for some time now. I really enjoy doing business with them and I can depend on them to make the right judgement.

We love the guys at Southern Star Tire and Auto and wouldn't change a thing. We drove by there a lot and just decided to try them. I'm glad we did

Southern Star Tire & Automotive is a great, local and trustworthy mechanic that I use for all of my auto repairs. I actually have a car in their shop right now. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

I think they do great work. Our vehical is always done on time when promised which is great because no body likes to wait around for something as important as their car.

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