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My kids loved their instructor at Allwright's School Of Driving. As a result, I've recommended Allwright's School Of Driving and the instructor to everyone I know and they all have been extremely satisfied.

My instructor at Allwright's School of Driving is the best I have ever seen. She is very patient and teaches each and every point extremely well. She makes sure that all the points are drilled into your head so that you not only pass your driving test but become an excellent driver. My instructor should be given a raise for being such an awesome teacher.

I have been a customer for about two years now and sent two of my children through Allwright's in order to get their licenses'. They provided both of my children with one on one services as opposed to five or six kids just riding in a car. The employees were also great, they kept me informed on my children's results and possible next steps in order to achieve their success.

All the instructors at Allwright's School of Driving are very good. I couldn't have gotten my license without them.

My daughter took classes here and overall it was a great experience. I think the instructors she had worked with her very well and I haven't heard any complaints about their teaching.

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