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I don't have any complaints about Allwright's School of Driving. Their pricing was fair. They were always here and always prompt.

It's really nice for the kids to have Allwright's School of Driving. Having a service where the instructor take the students to the driving test. They actually take the test in the car that they are practicing in. Allwright's is definitely a super service that you have to take the kids to their test.

I could not be happier with the services we get from Allwright's School of Driving. A very knowledgeable group of people with a very high amount of patience. Highly recommending to all!

Allwright's School Of Driving is a good driving school with very professional instructors.

Rochelle was a very helpful, nice instructor and I most likely would not have passed on the first try if I had not taken lessons with Rochelle at Allwright's School of Driving.

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