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He is a great communicator and follows up on things. Everything item is important to him so he always responds very quickly.

Dwight Darrow represented me when I went through a pretty bad divorce. From the get-go, he was amazing. He proved that he was more then knowledgeable with laws surrounding divorce and he was so good in representing me in court. He fought like a tiger for me and I can't express how appreciative I am to him for that.

I truly can't compliment Darrow & Dietrich Law Offices enough. It wasn't only the work that was done by Dwight Darrow that I owe a thank you to, but his entire staff was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. His paralegals and staff at the front desk is an excellent team of people.

Honestly, I needed someone like him to help get me through that. He was always honest. I could trust him and his work. I would recommend him to anyone in need.

I think everything went really well. What I liked best was how knowledgeable he was about divorce law- really helped my case.

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