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I am a 65 year old Combat Marine, and I have experienced a lot. I have through the office of Larson Chiropractic now experienced a life changing process. I was unable to sleep on my back for year but that all changed after I met Doctor Ted. He has done and amazing job adjusting my back and now I can finally sleep and I have Larson Chiropractic to thank for that.

Dr. Larson has hands of gold. He got the four knots of that were in my back and now I can actually sleep. Thank you again Dr. for everything.

Dr. Larson is the best chiropractor around. He adjusted my back and now I can finally sleep. I highly recommend if you are experiencing similar back problems.

Great massages and great Doctors at Larson Chiropractic. They fix everything.

I have been going here for years and they are the best. I trust them with myself and my family.

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