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My wife and I adopted a Haitian man into our family. He obviously did not have dental insurance, but Drs. Falbo, Monday and Graziani agreed to see him and treat him for free. So we left our current dentist to see him. In my eyes, anyone who is that loving and welcoming to my family are people who deserve my business. I am over whelmed with how amazing they are. I won't ever go to another dentist after meeting this amazing staff.

I have been going to Falbo & Monday in Charleston for about 15 years now and the staff has always been great.

The staff members here are really honest, which is sadly hard to come by. It is very helpful that you can always see your x-rays so you know how your teeth look. Its so incredibly ethical. I like that it ensures you never have to get work done or pay for anything you don't need.

I have been seeing Dr. Monday here for 7 years. I like how they keep excellent records of your dental health. We have done x-rays of my teeth every year for the last 5 years. I like that I can see exactly how my teeth have gotten better every year and how they can pull them up whenever you want to see them.

I love the staff members here because they always treat me so well. They are friendly and kind and give me great tips about my own dental care tactics at home.

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