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I have worked with John at The Altman Law Firm for over 10 years, on multiple occasions. I won't get into particulars of any of my situations, but I want to say that John is great at what he does. I like how he has always handled things with me, and how well he has kept on top of things.

When I was really upset, John gave me well reasoned advice. I would highly recommend his services.

I am currently working with John and his staff from The Altman Law Firm, LLC. My case has been on going for about a year now. He and his staff have a professional and non-judgmental attitude, which makes me feel comfortable with them. He has always been honest with me, letting me know my options and possible outcomes of each of those options. He is continually helpful, and keeps me very well informed. He runs the best law firm around. I would recommend anyone go see him if they are in need of legal advice.

I think that he is a very good lawyer. What I like most overall about their practice is how he handled things in a professional manner. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!

Working with Jonathan from The Altman Law Firm, LLC went really well. He was very business like and professional. I would tell him what I needed and he would go about and do it, and I paid him on time. Each of us held up our end of the deal if you will and things turned out great. Thanks again.

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