Widefield School District 3
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This school district has wonderful opportunities for all kids. They have a great music and arts department that really helps your child grow. It's great because the teachers and parents are actively involved in their children's daily activities. I would recommend this school district to everyone.

My four kids have gone to Widefield School District 3 as well as my husband and I when we were younger. It's an all around wonderful school with great teachers who make you feel very comfortable in your learning environment.

Widefield School District is a district that really cares about the students. They have so many different programs and activities to fit pretty much any situation. I would highly recommend them.

Widefield School District is great. They have parades, fund raisers, and great pride in the schools. All of my family went there and my son is excited to become a gladiator next year.

Widefield is a special place that focuses on developing well rounded kids who appreciate the beautiful diversity of this area. My children especially love the music program which everyone has worked so hard to keep.

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