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I take my cats into All About Pets Vet clinic for routine check ups. They haven't gotten any surgeries there or anything yet, but he's take great care of them.

I have two cats that I have been taking to All About Pets for seven years. I like taking them here because I know they are getting excellent care from Dr. Wood, She truly cares for them and always sees them in a timely manner.

When I go to All About Pets we always get taken back for our appointment right when we get there. If she happens to be running long on a previous appointment, she finishes up and sees us as soon as possible. It is understandable that appointments sometimes go long. I just like that she takes the time to give every pet the attention they deserve.

I love Dr. Wood. She is so wonderful. I actually had a chronically ill cat and she worked really hard to give all of us a few more years with him. He lived much longer than he should have and I am grateful for how long and hard she worked to improve his health, when a few other vets turned us away and told us we should just put him down. Thank you for everything.

If you are looking for a vet that will be with your pets for life, bring them to All About Pets.

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