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The original problems were in his reading comprehension, his handwriting, and his test taking abilities. Although he earned straight A's in math, he struggled to earn low C's and D's. Sometimes he would even bring hone an F on his report card. Behavior was not a problem and he always seemed to know in detail what had been read aloud during class. However, when he would take his he would often fail them. Since eye therapy, his handwriting has improved drastically. His reading grades have as well. This is also building his confidence in his academics

After 12 years with Le Blanc Eye Center I don't have a single complaint about them. Dr. Le Blanc is great with patients, and I am always trying to send new patients over to him just because I know he can help.

Since we started going to LeBlanc Eye Center, my son has been able to focus much better and his headaches have lessened considerably. I highly recommend them.

Dr. LeBlanc offers amazing services, ad he is the only one in the area who is able to provide some of them. My doctor recommended him to me, and I couldn't be happier with him.

Of all of the amazing things about LeBlanc Eye Center that I love, I think I enjoy the staff there the most. They are so great; they really make the experience of going there.

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