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I feel that the vision therapy program at Le Blanc Eye Center will help my child to reach his fullest potential. By removing the strain from studying I know he will have an easier time growing as an individual.

My daughter was struggling with severe headaches when she would do work on the computer or reading for a long period of time. After starting therapy at LeBlanc Eye Center we immediately saw the results of less headaches and she was able to focus much better because she wasn't in pain. Thank you for all your help.

Originally, I was not able to concentrate well before going to LeBlanc Eye Center. Once I went and received vision therapy, my concentration improved drastically.

My son was having problems with headaches, but not anymore. Thanks Le Blanc Eye Center, we're been able to decrease them significantly with the help of vision therapy.

I thought I might never enjoy watching TV, or reading again, but Dr. LeBlanc changed that. Under his care and instruction, my vision has vastly improved.

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