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Of all of the amazing things about LeBlanc Eye Center that I love, I think I enjoy the staff there the most. They are so great; they really make the experience of going there.

My child had problems such as blurred vision, doubled vision, and copying words from the board. she had problems with seeing shadows which compromised her ability to do anything by herself out of fear. She now has none of these problems at all. Thanks to vision therapy, she is now an A+ student at school and she feels safe.

I was suffering from Nystagmus and double vision. Le Blanc Eye Center has allowed me to progress beautifully back toward normal vision.

I am so grateful for Le Blanc Eye Care Center. Since starting therapy there I've seen my daughter's writing improve tremendously.

Going to LeBlanc Eye Center has been wonderful. Both I an one of my kids have come here, and not only do I like it here, but they are so good with him too.

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