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My attorney at Horton law Firm is great. I am very satisfied that they explain everything to me in detail.

What I like most overall about Horton Law Firm is that fact of whenever I call, I don't have to re-explain myself on what it's about. They are always immediately responsive; no pulling files or putting things off. They know what I"m calling about with the case right away.

I have been working with Horton Law Firm for about 5 years. He's excellent, intelligent, and really knows the law. Most importantly, he's pragmatic. I like that he looks for a solution instead of a battle.

I always am recommending Horton Law Firm to all my friends and family members. I would never go anywhere else for a lawyer.

Marshall Horton is an amazing attorney. He's very professional and give good, solid advice every time. He's cautioned me in whatever I needed to be cautioned with. He gives the whole process a perfect approach and has known how to handle everything for me.

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