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Horton & Goodman LLC doesn't just do what they want, they do what you as the client want and do what they feel is best for you.

Horton & Goodman made sure that they explained everything to me and made sure I understood it as well.

My attorney at the Horton Law Firm always acts in a professional manner. Whenever I have needed anything from court, surprises can be pretty daunting. So when my attorney knew exactly what was happening and let me know every step of the way, I was ecstatic. If I could describe him as anything, it would be prompt.

At Horton Law Firm, important things get taken care of right away and questions are answered the day they are asked.

I have been working with Horton Law Firm for about 5 years. He's excellent, intelligent, and really knows the law. Most importantly, he's pragmatic. I like that he looks for a solution instead of a battle.

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