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Being a part of AEGA Ministries International for a little over 2 years, I think that they are truly a wonderful organization to be a part of.

AEGA Ministries International, Inc. is a wonderful place to belong. They are just wonderful people, my experience has been great with them, they are very helpful and kind. They have legitimate pastoral presence with the people, not a corporate model that has taken over the church. I really feel as though I have a strong relationship with them.

What they offer you in terms of exposure to diversity cannot be rivaled by any other "general" denomination associations. I have very much enjoyed my affiliation with them.

I have recommended fellow ministers of mine to consider joining AEGA Ministries all of the time. I believe in them as a fellowship and the endorsing body of my faith and am proud to be counted among their members and their work. They truly are making a difference in this world and the spirituality of others.

I think that they are doing everything the right way so far and can't think of what they could do better, it's already pretty good about member outreach!

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