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AEGA Ministries not only gave me great knowledge and spiritual advice, but they also helped me with financial and transitional aspects of my ministry as well.

AEGA Ministries International have annual conferences, newsletters, and other regional meetings that support you as a credential holder. You will have emotional and physical support from the dedicated men of God who are our leaders.

I have actually recommended AEGA's fellowship numerous times when I have run into a new ministry looking to expand their congregation. They provide great resources, information, and materials to me so I know it will help them as well.

Personally, I think that the personal touch AEGA Ministries has with it's fellowship is a very special thing and is not only something I greatly admire, but something that was very important to me when I joined.

I think the outreach to each individual member of the fellowship is outstanding. They truly care about their members and they show that through their actions.

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