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I could not have asked for anyone better than building my new home than New Horizons, the project was completed in 6-7 weeks and the ending results were everything I ever wanted.

What I was impressed most with while working with New Horizons Homes is the quality of the materials that they used, everything was so nice I was very pleased with the services they provided.

A friend of ours mentioned New Horizon Homes to us. Originally, I wasn't to keen about them but after sitting down and meeting with them and getting the rundown, I was more than excited to work with New Horizon Homes. They had me sold! I got to know the people here and really enjoyed working with them. They did a fantastic job and I'm so glad we met with them after all!

When I was ordering my home there were very helpful with any questions and where I should put on the lot and the designed my home exactly what I wanted. It only took about 6/7 weeks to get my home delivered and it was EXCEPTIONAL! Oh my goodness, couldn't have asked for anything better.

We haven't quite moved into our home yet, but it has been great so far! We had a blueprint drawn up and took it to about 5 different contractors and everyone was so much more expensive than New Horizons Homes! They worked with us a lot and let us do whatever we wanted and made it happen for us. We are very happy!

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