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Since Nichols is a small shop it is so much more personable, they're more like friends to me when I bring my cars in. They are experts and really educate me about what's going on with my vehicles, I feel very comfortable with their work. I know they're the best in Brockport when it comes to pricing and service.

Scott has been my mechanic for quite a while, and always helps me out whenever I need simple maintenance work done for my car like an oil change, safety inspection, and basically whatever little thing it needs to keep it running. Never had anything major done, but he's always gone above and beyond to help. With Nichols Service, I know I can bring it in early morning and only need to wait a short time before they finish the job. It's a more personable shop. When I brought the car to the dealership in the past they told me when it's done and took my money, but the Nichols staff is always talking with me and seeing how i'm doing. They're more like friends. Since they're a smaller repair shop in Brockport I expect the friendly atmosphere there. -Jean-

Scott has been my mechanic for years now, going above and beyond for me. He is caring and pays attention to his customers unlike the dealerships.

I've been going to Nichols for years. I've had my trucks and other family cars in for the regular maintenance work or whatever needs fixing at the time. They are always knowledgeable and courteous when I bring the vehicle in, and the work Scott does is just fantastic. They have a great service staff and their prices are fair since their shop is convenient for me. Overall they just do a great job. -Al-

Our "little Sapphire " runs like a top thanks to the always honest, competent mechanics at Nichols' Service. How else could we keep a 16 year car going strong?

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