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I think Hietpas Chiropractic has been great for me, they are fantastic. I always enjoy going in for an appointment, the staff are great, I get to chit chat with them for a bit when I go in and it is very nice. When I need to get in there fast I never have a problem, and I also never wait long at all to be seen. I feel as though every time I am in I get my questions answered and I feel much better. I would recommend Hietpas Chiropractic to anyone.

I have been seeing Dr. Hietpas since they opened. The staff is very friendly, and I like going there. I wouldn't change a thing about Dr. Hietpas practice--or else I wouldn't be going there!

I've been going to Hietpas Chiropractic for 6 months and they're great! I am always satisfied with their work after i leave and the Dr. really cares about me as a patient. He answers ALL of my questions and explains so much about whats wrong. My results are excellent! I love that the office is a family atmosphere, my 2 yr. old runs around the office and gets up on the exam table and yells "My turn!" She's the star patient! -Kristin C.

I went to Hietpas Chiropractic when I lived in Sturgeon Bay, and it was a great experience. She is one of the nicest, caring individuals that I have ever met.

The staff is very helpful and attentive to your scheduling needs. Dr. Heitpas listens to you and evaluates your problems with professionalism

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