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Dr. Edgerle is a very nice guy. We have been going to him for a while now and my husband especially likes his office because Novocaine does not work on him so when he gets a procedure done they have nitrous oxide available to ease the pain. That works really well for him and creates a much better experience for when he is getting dental work done. As for me I don't mind it either with the courteous staff and nice atmosphere it works out great for the both of us.

I have a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old that had cleanings done with no problems. The hygienist was gentle and kid friendly. I am impressed with everyone there, especially D.J. He was so kind and the kids loved him. We love our new dentist office!

D.J. Edgerle, DDS, PC is a good dentist and has good technical equipment. He is very efficient. Also, the check in and check out process is conducted in a timely manner.

The office staff is generally always really flexible with me to get me into the office around my work schedule.

Love it when the doctor tells me in detail about my tooth and being comfortably.

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