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They take care of you at Guerin's Pharmacy! I've been picking up my prescriptions there since 1990 and I love it there. The employees are wonderful, patient, and helpful all of the time. If I have a question about anything they always answer it and if they can't they get the pharmacist. Guerin's Pharmacy has a great atmosphere as well. Since Summerville is such a small town everybody is very welcoming and down to earth. At Guerin's Pharmacy they care about their customers and that's why I would easily recommend them to anybody searching for a pharmacy to go to in town. -Cathy F.

Coming to Guerin's the past couple years has been great. I refuse to go anywhere else! Bring your prescriptions here!!!

I think Guerin's Pharmacy does a really great job. When I go in and have questions about anything they are always able to answer them and talk with me about my concerns. The staff is very friendly. I recommend them all the time, I have always had good service from Guerin's.

Guerin's Pharmacy has always gone out of their way to make sure they have what I need in stock, and if they do not have it the day I need it, they will call, order it and have it ready for me the next day. They are very helpful.

For about a year I have been going to Guerin s Pharmacy, and the staff is always courteous. They are so knowledgeable and are alert and ready for any questions that I may have. Thanks Guerin s!

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