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Guerin's Pharmacy is top-notch. They have basically everything and anything you need and the staff is incredible. I go there at least once a month for refills and every visit is a good one!

I will continue to use the services that Guerin's Pharmacy provides me with for years to come.

Whenever I order my prescriptions from Guerin's Pharmacy they're always ready as soon as I come in for pick up! I'll never go anywhere else. Charlie is so personable and friendly and they really care about their customers. I go there every month and every time I go in I never get tired of how exciting and classic the atmosphere is. It's low key and original, I've been coming here since 1975. Its really the best pharmacy in Summerville! -Ray

The professional, friendly, and courteous service provided at Guerin's Pharmacy are incredible. I have been a frequent customer for several years now and the staff are always attentive and great at answering my questions. - Shane -

There's nothing like going to a pharmacy that you know cares about you as a customer and you just love going to. For 25 years Guerin's Pharmacy has been that for me. They have been wonderful to me. They never have a problem helping me out. Everyone there is very nice and cooperative. Summerville is such a small town that chances are I always know someone that works there, which is great. When the big pharmacy companies came into town I stayed a loyal customer to Guerin's Pharmacy because they know me and they have an outstanding reputation. There's no way I'll ever leave them. -Deb W.

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