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Both of my children attend the Lafayette Christian School in LaGrange. I really like the online system that allows me to check up on what is going on multiple times a week quickly and easily. They all have set up frequent meetings that parents can attend and learn about how their children are doing. I had a little concern with one of the classes approaching 20 students but I was really happy with how the school handled the situation by adding a teachers aid and devoting more resources to the class. The class size still was relatively small and it actually allowed for more individual attention and that year ended up going really well. That is just one example of how wonderful the school is at providing the best education possible for my children. - Paul F.

LCS provides students with opportunities to learn academically and spiritually. Students are able to take what is learned in class and apply it on the mission field.

My son attends the daycare program and has been a part of this school for 2 years now. He has learned so much, and I trust the teachers services.

My son has learned so much at the Lafayette Christian School and he is still only in preschool. I can see the improvements he has made since we switched from our old daycare. He is so much smarter than other kids his age now because Lafayette Christian School is the best in LaGrange! - Debra G.

A great environment and fantastic teachers create a successful learning experience and a school that makes the students understand that their education and Christian walk are both important to the educators.

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