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Both of my children attend this school. I really like the online system that allows me to check up on what is going on. They all have set up frequent meetings that parents can attend and learn about how their children are doing. I had a little concern with one of the classes approaching 20 students but I was really happy with how the school handled the situation by adding a teachers aid and devoting more resources to the class. That is just one example of how wonderful the school is at providing the best education possible for my children.

I like that the curriculum at Lafayette Christian School is christian based and challenging enough to prepare students for both college and life.

I have 3 children that attend Lafayette Christian School and being christian based is a big plus for me. They have excellent teachers that develop good curriculum with smaller class sizes. - David C.

Lafayette Christian School I feel that they push the fine arts and music to make sure that teachers provide the necessary exposure to compliment the academics. I have little faith in some other local schools, but Lafayette Christian School has none of those problems. The teachers really go the extra mile to provide a curriculum that is wonderfully balanced. - Peter F.

I was very satisfied with the courses available for my children while they attended school at Lafayette.

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