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My son is in 5th grade at The Willows Learning Center this year. He's been there for 6 years and we couldn't be happier. Our family loves the staff and the unique facility here. We are very happy here.

I like that at Willows Child Learning Centers they mix reading and learning in with fun activities. They really have a good mix of everything and it seems like the kids really like it. I am very happy with Willows.

We've been at Willows Learning Center for 3 years and my kid is finally going into kindergarten! I love the staff there, its such a warm and friendly environment we love it! The indoor climbers are great in the classrooms and the weekly field trips , the pool right on site! Its FANTASTIC! I think its great knowing that when I drop my kids off there each day that they are well cared for and loved to. And they don't just let the kids do what they want, they implement rules that most enforce at home to. Their discipline policy is realistic but still not over the top. The kids know there that there are rules and they need to follow them or there will be a consequence. It really helps them learn to do the right thing and develop them as well. -Allie K.

At Willows Learning Center the teachers and staff know that the little things matter and they give personalized attention to each child. At first, my son was hesitant about going, but now it is something he looks forward to each day. We have been very pleased with our experience so far.

The teacher my child has this year is so hands on and extremely involved all the time. she plays with them and sings and dances it is such a great environment for all the children. I recommend Willows to all my friends I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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