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If I ever have an emergency I know that Dr. Tupta and his staff will find a way to get me in that day. They've stayed late to help me out on a few occasions which I really appreciate. They're friendly and professional, definitely the best in Charleston!

Whenever I go into Dr. Tupta's dental office I barely ever have to wait. They are always very prompt about getting me in to see the dentist. I love the staff that is there, everyone is so nice and are really good people. Dr. Tupta is a fantastic dentist and really knows what he is doing and that really puts me at ease when I walk in because I know everything will go smoothly. He has been my dentist since he started in Charleston, and he has always been great. - B.N.

Dr. Tupta is a great dentist. I would recommend him to my friends and family.

when I go into Dr. Tupta's office, I never have to wait to see him, he always keeps me so comfortable, and there really isn't anyone like him. I have some pretty bad teeth and I've had a lot of bad experiences in the past with dentists and so I went in with a certain attitude about people in this profession. Then I see him and he is so kind, considerate, and never criticizes. He has very up to date technology, and he really knows a lot about dentistry. He is the only dentist I've had consistent positive experiences with, so I continue to see him. - S. F.

What I like most overall about the practice of Michael J. Tupta is the friendliness of the staff.

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