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The food was very good, and the staff did an awesome job as expected. What I really liked about this restaurant is their claim to have the best martini's in Rochester. They have a pretty decent drink list, so I needed to try it out. I was pleased with my martini order. They have bartenders who know what they're doing. - S. G.

Everything at Tappas 177 lounge exceeded our expectations. The food was incredible, I can barely describe it. The evening was a culinary experience and a whole lot of fun! - Jaquelin C.

Tapas is a great place to come for many different experiences. They have music which is always fantastic. The staff are all friendly and always making sure you have a great time. They have wine tasting on Tuesdays which has become a regular stop to help break up the work week.

Vino!!! Tapas 177 has the best wine selection in Rochester by far as a frequent flyer into this establishment! They have an array of different dishes which you can pair with their phenomenal wine selection each time we go! I couldn't imagine anything better! Highly recommend this stop in Rochester! - Sadie B.

Tapas 177 Lounge is the perfect spot to go out to eat on a special night. The food here is amazing. I was so pleased with my last experience.

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