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The Roache-Pushard Funeral Home has been very helpful to me and my family. We used their services a few years ago for my daughter, and just recently for my husband. The director was kind and understanding- especially when we had to bury our daughter- that was very hard on our family. They took care of everything so all we had to do was show up. I cannot thank them for all they did for us.- Mary C

I was extremely worried about the cost for the funeral expenses. I was relived and felt so much better when the funeral representative at Roache-Pushard Funeral Home told me not to worry about it. Everything was taken care of, and it definitely put my mind at ease.

Our family was very pleased with the extremely understanding staff and there services were preformed beyond our expectations. The funeral representatives were constantly available throughout our loved ones funeral. From when they first welcomed you to when they said good bye it was just wonderful and they treated us very respectfully.

My husband and I were beyond satisfied with the work and services we received from the Roache-Pushard Funeral Home for my father-in-laws funeral. The funeral director and the staff we're very helpful- they took care of everything down to the last detail. During such a difficult time for our family it was nice being able to rely on Roache-Pushard for the details. - Diane

Thank you Roache-Pushard Funeral Home! We are so thankful for all you did to prepare the funeral for my husbands father. We wanted to have an open casket and Roache-Pushard did a nice job with his body. I've been to other funerals where you can barely recognize the person once everything is done; but that wasn't the case for us. The staff was kind and respectful of our wishes and they made sure everything went smoothly.- D.D.

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