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I would recommend Roache-Pushard Family Funeral Home to friends and friendly. The staff there is just amazing. They helped out with everything, and it made things easier on myself. Any questions I had, I knew I could call for answers and would get them.

We really appreciate the time and compassion that the staff at Roache-Pushard Funeral Home provided us with. My family's wishes were respected and the funeral director did his best to work with us.

Thank you Roache-Pushard Funeral Home. The staff was very professional without being cold. They knew how to get the job done, while also knowing when not to push for something right away. I cannot say enough good things about their service.- MCT

Thank you Roache-Pushard Funeral Home! We are so thankful for all you did to prepare the funeral for my husbands father. We wanted to have an open casket and Roache-Pushard did a nice job with his body. I've been to other funerals where you can barely recognize the person once everything is done; but that wasn't the case for us. The staff was kind and respectful of our wishes and they made sure everything went smoothly.- D.D.

The Roache-Pushard Funeral Home did a wonderful job. They went out of their way so that we didn't have to do anything. If we had any questions they were always available to answer them. They were very knowledgeable and the whole experience was very positive. I couldn't be happier. -J.B.

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