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It's always great ordering from them, I've been a customer here for years so everyone knows me.

Johnston's is the best florist in Fort Smith! Their entire staff is very knowledgeable and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

You'll be very pleased if you order your flowers from Johnston's Quality Flowers. For 5 years they've been providing me with the best customer service. I usually go right to their store in Fort Smith to make an order. They always send out my flowers on time, they do what I ask and they are always helpful. I love going there because they have a good variety of flowers to pick from and they are fresh. -Elizabeth H

I couldn't be happier with service from Johnston's Quality Flowers. I've ordered from them for many years because I've known them my entire life and I've never experience a problem. They have very good customer service. I usually order right from the store and my order is always ready on time and ready to go. I also really like the wonderful fresh selection of flowers offered, there's so many to choose. I like everything about them and I'd recommend them to anyone. -C.M.

If you are looking for a reliable florist then I'd highly recommend going to Johnston's Quality Flowers. They are the best flower shop in Fort Smith, AR. They have great customer service. My flowers are always ready for pick up or they're delivered on time. I've never had a complaint regarding their service or the flowers. I always receive compliments about the flowers when they're delivered. Overall Johnston's Quality Flowers has been very good to me and I'll always go to them if I need to order flowers. -K.K.

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