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The new technology that they have had made the dentist more tolerable for me. I use to not be a fan, but this staff makes it a lot better.

Everyone that works at Abacus Dental are just all around really nice people. They do their best to make sure I'm comfortable and are always very easy to work with and talk to. Dr. Henn has some of the best dental hygienists and reception people in Victoria working with him. They run an efficient office and I've really had no bad experiences here.

Dr. Lockhurst is great.He actually takes his own time to teach the hygienist as well, which is amazing.

This is a great office! I always feel welcomed and receive wonderful service.

I have been a patient at Abacus Dental for roughly seven years. They have a very friendly and caring staff that makes the trip to the dentist a breeze and not a chore!

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