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Dr. Reid and his staff genuinely care about the patient's health.

Dr. Reid really adjusts everything. He's not one of these chiropractors that you go to and he does a couple of things and you're back in 2 days later to see him again. He's a great guy too!

My first visit with Dr. Reid was March 17, 2011. In the past year I have had Pneumonia, virus infections, acid reflux, sinus infection, bronchitis, and constipation. It is now a few weeks later and I have already improved as listed below: I no longer have my cough and my itchy scalp has improved. My finger nails are stronger and not so brittle/ My mind is clear now and I am thinking much better. I have more energy. My problem with constipation is no longer a problem. My left shoulder was hurting all of the time has improved and is free of pain. My weight had increased and now I lost 6 pounds. My lower back has always been a problem but is gradually improving. I always craved sweet and cheese and that is now under control. I feel as if I have back my body and my life. - Helen -

Dr. Reid keeps me walking. When I first when to him, I could hardly walk a block.

The office is very organized and always get me in to see Dr. Reid when I need an appointment.

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