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I love this place. The tote bag that they gave me has saved me so much money. We have a lot of celebrations/parties at my work and with family. So it definitely comes in handy. The monthly specials are nice too.

I've been a customer at Main Street Wine for the past 27 years. It's my favorite liquor store in Ashland. Every time I walk in, I get greeted by the nice people who work there, and I can always find exactly what I came in looking for. In the winter I love to get the Sam Adams seasonal, the summer it has to be Corona, and I like to get some Barefoot chardonnay if I am picking up wine. I like the convenience of the store, and I know pretty much everyone on the staff, which always makes the shopping easier and more enjoyable since I can take time to chat with anyone there. - Andrew

I can always find what I'm looking for. I've been happy with the service and will continue to shop here!

Main Street Wine is my choice spot in Ashland. I know almost everyone that works there, and every time I stop in I can find exactly what I want. They have a great selection which is always stocked, and their prices are very fair.

They have really great people here, they are nice and courteous. I have been going here for years now and the employees still are helpful and knowledgeable even more than when I first started going.

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