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...HONEST, PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS SERVICE... I want to take this opportunity to thank Bob from Herman Plumbing who came to my house on numerous occasions. In a day and age where it seems like honest, professional,courteous service are a thing of the past-Herman Plumbing proved me wrong. Bob was all of those things and more. He's been working with me for 30 years now where it's always been consistently good quality work. The last two times he was out to install my new water heater and he put in a new bath downstairs for me. Even in the case of emergencies (which do happen) they get right over to fix it. They know my house, they know where the pipes are. I would highly recommend Herman Plumbing and I will be using them again for all of my plumbing needs in Grand Island, NE. - Tom C.

Herman Plumbing helped me out even when we had terrible weather. I have multiple properties in town and I use Herman for every property I have.

Herman Plumbing always does a great job when I call them up for a project. They are committed to doing a great job no matter what... even in bad weather! They are great people too.

The staff at Herman Plumbing is very prompt in getting someone sent to my house as soon as I have a plumbing issue. I really appreciate their help whenever they get to the house. They are always answering any questions and they don't gte frustrated with me because I always have a million.

I think Herman Plumbing is a great company and they always do a fantastic job for me. They are very nice, and I think they are competitively priced.

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