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Becker Service Center = My #1 Mechanic! I've been going to Becker Service Center for a few years now and I'd absolutely 100% return back to get my car repaired again! I was referred by a friend for my initial visit and I'm so glad I listened! One aspect I love the most are those service reminders because I've got so many things bouncing around in my head I need to do it's a piece of mind to get those calls or emails for a reminder! The two things which keeps me coming back is because their nice guys and they're HONEST! I'd recommend them to anyone in the Naperville, IL area! - Alex P.

I really like Becker Service Center because they are all very personable people. They always get the job done on time and they do not overcharge for anything.

Everyone at Becker Service Center are wonderful people. They are great and they always provide excellent service no matter the problem. I am very happy with everything they have provided for me and my family.

I'll admit, I don't know a lot about cars, so I when my car needed some maintenance done, I had to ask around. Everyone I asked spoke very highly of this service center and now I know why! It is the only place I bring my car to now.

I will absolutely return to Becker Service Center, they do a good job. I like working with guys I can trust.

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