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I've been going to Becker Service Center for 20 years with all of our cars and I wouldn't go anywhere else! If you need your car, truck, vehicle serviced I'd highly recommend Mark. They know us, they know our cars. One of my cars was racing, it was running real high but it was intermittent, they told me to just bring it by whenever it did it. So while I was out driving one day it started doing it and I stopped right over to Becker Service Center. They were able to hook the computer up to it and see what was going on without an appointment and within an hour it was fixed! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! - Donna S.

I had a 06' Infinity M45 worked on at Becker Service Center and they were absolutely right on with everything! Service, check!, Experience, check! Knowledge, check! My car was ready when they said it would be and i was on my way! -Dr. Ryan

I take all of my cars to Becker Service Center. They know all of my cars, and they know me. One time my car kept running really high and I did not know why so they told me next time it happened to bring it in. The very next time it happened I brought it in and they immediately hooked it up to a computer to find out what was really wrong with it. I loved the instant answer! - Don S.

I always give my business to Becker Service Center because they are such a great group of guys. I have been coming here for 15 years now and they are far better than any other service center in the area.

They replaced my wipers and air filter at Becker Service Center and I've been going to them for 3 years now. Its the simple things I go there for but it's always great and I won't go anywhere else because the service there is fast and outstanding! Its all quality work for a great price. -R.

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