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We were looking for a relatively small, intimate practice where the dentists and their entire staff get to know and care about their patients. We wanted someone we could trust, who was gentle, and who would listen to and meet our individual needs. We found that at Innovative Dentistry, and we have never looked back.

Because of my experience with the entire staff, I am a dedicated patient of Dr. Larsen and Innovative Dentistry.

We have not only come to Innovative for routine cleanings, the occasional cavity, and unfortunately, a few crowns over the years, but they have also become a trusted adviser, reference, and care giver for my TMJ, bruxism (teeth grinding), and most recently, sleep apnea. In each case, Innovative used your skills to identify the problem and to either make a referral, in the case of my TMJ flare up, or to recommend and implement an appropriate course of treatment.

When I came to you about 2 years ago with a question about dental appliances for sleep apnea, I was thrilled to learn that you were working on integrating that service into your practice. I have enjoyed being one of your first patients to try the dental appliance approach and am thrilled with the outcome. I sleep better now than I have in years and feel much better all around. I can think more clearly, have more energy, and get a lot more done.

When my son was about 3, we moved him from a pediatric dentist to Innovative, because we didn't feel like they were treating him with the kind of care and compassion we had experienced with Innovative. Although a decade later I can't say he enjoys going to the dentist, I know that Innovative Dentistry will make him comfortable and explain to him and to us what they are going to do and what they recommend.

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