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The staff is very caring and the prices were definitely reasonable. The local Vet Hospital is a little closer but I still chose to go to Animal Urgent Care. Thanks for all you to.

The vet who worked on my dog was very helpful and saved my dogs life. I truly am thankful for her exceptional service.

When my dog was bit by a coyote, I called Animal Urgent Care to find out what I needed to do to bring him in. I was in shock and kept calling over and over again. Each time I called, I got the same person who was very nice and reassuring that they were there to help me if I wanted to bring my dog into the office. We finally decided not to wait until our local vet opened and brought him in. They saved his life and were very kind and caring during the whole thing. I am very thankful.

Thank you very much to this wonderful staff at Animal Urgent Care. So very grateful for your guy's help with EVERYTHING! Dr. DiLorenzo was amazing. He was straight forward with everything and did anything he could to help.

I am very thankful for the emergency hours offered by Animal Urgent Care. I was able to speak to a vet personally and they even did a follow up phone call to check in on my pet's health and progress.

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