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Unity I Home Healthiness sent wonderful care-givers to my parent's home.They were such wonderful people and added to my mother's life more than they could ever know. Many of the care-givers visited us at mom's funeral to say one last goodbye to her. That meant a lot to us. They all continue their wonderful care of my father. All three of these women put forth more than words can express. I have to say that they became a part of my family. - C.W. -

I really appreciate all the help from Unity 1. They really helped take care of my wife. It was nice to have them around and take a lot of stress off of me. I'm so thankful they were here.

They really have some amazing ice cream. They have different flavors every time I go in and they are super friendly.

They offer all their knowledge and help us with anything we need. They do a wonderful job and keep up with things. Everything they do is tip top!

My mother is now gone and I work full-time so it's hard for me to get over and help out my aging father. But, the people at Unity I Home Healthcare are amazing. They so often go out of their way to ensure that my father has what he needs, as they also did for my mother. These women from Unity could never be compensated enough for what they have given my family. There is no limit to the value of the love and compassion they have willingly given. They are a gift and I thank God for them everyday. - W. -

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