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Truly a "kid in a candy store" experience for all artists of all kinds at the ART STOP in Rochester New York!!!! Love this place!! I recently took my daughter in for a drawing class the other day and she was completely thrilled with the instructor. We did buy a drawing pad with a few other things to as the prices couldn't even compare to Micheals even with their coupon off in the weekly paper. I'd highly recommend the Art Stop for any type of art supplies and art classes in the Rochester area! - Jeff O.

The Art Stop had a great glass painting class that a group of friends and I drove to Webster to take part in. We had a lot of fun and even learned a few things about painting. My group of friends will probably be back the next time they have a deal on painting classes. - D. C.

The classes at The Art Stop are really great, when we went and took a class it was a lot of fun. Not only did we take a cool class, but I also found some nice supplies here as well.

My daughter too an art class over the summer at the Art Stop. The class was cartooning and drawing and she absolutely loved it. The teacher was great with her and she really learned a lot during the course. I was very impressed with the skills she picked up in a short amount of time!-- Julie

My daughter took cartoon drawing at The Art Stop and it was great. She really liked her teacher. Overall it was great for her.

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