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Walter's Pharmacy has never let us down. Our prescriptions are always ready on time, there has never been a time we had to wait extra for them. I'm in there at least once a week and find the staff to be so welcoming and accommodating.

The best part about Walter's Pharmacy in Allentown, PA is that they treat you like a human being-- with respect and great service. You're not just a number to them at this pharmacy. They really care about you!

My experience with Walter's Pharmacy over the years has always bee very positive. The staff are always very professional and genuinely caring. I like that am familiar with almost all of the staff that work there. It gives Walter's Pharmacy a personal touch.

I have been a customer of Walter's Pharmacy for a long time, since I lived on 13th street. I walked in one day and there was a big man with white hair smiling. He welcomed me right in, and ever since then I have remained a customer.

Extremely courteous service and just a good place to do service.

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