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I live in the area so I really like how convenient the pharmacy is to me. I go several times a month and I love how when I go in they have my prescriptions ready for me. The staff is very kind and personable to you as well it is a great experience.

My experience with Walter's Pharmacy has always bee very positive. The staff are always very professional and genuinely caring. I like that am familiar with almost all of the staff that work there. It gives Walter's Pharmacy a personal touch. -C.C.-

I've been going to Walters Pharmacy for 50 years now. I'm in there at least once a month and every time the staff is friendly, courteous, and helpful. I like their services and I like that it is more personal than the chain stores.

For the past 20 years I have been using Walter's Pharmacy. The whole staff has always been friendly, and if I ask for help they are very helpful. If you're looking for the best service then Walter's Pharmacy is the place to go.

I really like going to Walter's Pharmacy. They are an old fashioned pharmacy that prides themselves on courteous and hones service. Their staff is always friendly and kind, and willing to help you with anything.

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