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I have been a customer of Walter's Pharmacy for a long time, since I lived on 13th street. I walked in one day and there was a big man with white hair smiling. He welcomed me right in, and ever since then I have remained a customer.

Walter's Pharmacy always has the best service. I go there monthly, sometimes twice a month, and they're great. I get in and out fast, and all the pharmacists are so happy!

I started going to Walter's Pharmacy when my daughter worked there working there 30 years ago and I've been a faithful customer since. I like their convenience, their friendly customer service and that it's still old fashion. They always have my medicine ready when I'm ready to pick it up and if I have any questions the pharmacist are very helpful. I've suggested Walter's Pharmacy my friends and many family members because it's the best locally owned pharmacy in Allentown, PA. -Sophie M.

I tell people about Walter's Pharmacy because I've been going there for the past 25 years at least - it's safe to say I trust em! Mostly I like that it's very neat, they're well organized. I've had to go to CVS for some things before, but Walter's is a homegrown pharmacy. All of the staff is attentive and knowledgeable, they take their time with you. I don't have any complaints!

Everything about Walter's Pharmacy is wonderful from start to finish.

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