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The 5 cheese calzones that they have on Fridays are untouchable! My co-workers and I come here often for lunch, and it's great. So delicious.

I get such a good feeling when I walk into Galleria Pizza. I get a feeling of home with the smell of all the amazing food. I highly recommend checking this place out it is fantastic.

I will get the sub I had from Galleria Pizza again, it was so good and the staff are awesome. My order never takes long and it has never been messed up or wrong. They are great and so is the food.

They delivered my order exactly at 12:00. I was very impressed! Thew were even maybe a minute early. The moz sticks are very good. I will order from here again for sure. -Mark M.

I love Galleria Pizza, they have great food and a friendly staff. They have great quality of food and I cant wait to go back.

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