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Of everything i was in love with the service at Galleria Pizza in Rochester, a lot of places have food thats great too.....but the staff at Galleria Pizza make it taste even better!!! 5 stars! -Eddie C.

The cashier is always so friendly and always thanks me for coming in. The food is always so good and it is ready quickly and efficiently. It is a great place to eat.

I always get either a slice of pizza or a sub when I go to Galleria Pizza and whatever I decided to get is always very good. The food is awesome.

I first became aware of Galleria Pizza after my co-workers had told me about it shop. I was very satisfied with my initial visit and am looking forward to the next time I go. The food was delicious along with the fact that they had great customer service.

Galleria Pizza is a great place for lunch downtown and it's also very convenient to my office.

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