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Delicious food. I have ordered almost every single thing on the menu and have never been disappointed. They are always nice when I go in there!

I really enjoy gong to Galleria Pizza, it is a nice place with great food. They are always adding things to their menu so its exciting to be able to try something new. The food is very good and the people are extremely nice and very helpful.

All my orders that I receive from Galleria Pizza are always exactly the way that I ordered it. The food here is so delicious I love getting lunch from them.

I typically get a sandwich or a sub from Galleria Pizza. Everything is really great. Last time I got a BLT was awesome! The staff is very friendly and the cashier always makes conversation. The lady that brings you your food is very sweet! I enjoy the convenient location and again, the food is great. -Katie.

If I had to describe the food at Galleria Pizza in one word I'd say it's fantastic! I never have to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes at most for my food when I go there for lunch and their delivery guy is so fast. All of their subs are delicious but I really like the chicken finger sub! -CM

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