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I am very likely to go back to Galleria Pizza they do a wonderful job and the pizza is the best. The service and the food is the two most important parts of a restaurant, and Galleria Pizza is excellent in both categories.

There are many places to eat in Rochester New York that are fancier and more luxurious but I am not impressed by fancy. What does impress me about Galleria Pizza is the quality of their customer service. The workers here are s nice bunch of friendly caring people. The food is also really good and I can tell that they use good ingredients. I can not thank them enough, this really is my favorite place to eat downtown. - Eddie C.

I really like that you can actually see them prepare the food at Galleria Pizza in Rochester New York. The cashiers are really nice and they have lots of tables for customers to eat at. I really like the food and service at this place it really is the best down town. - Angelo I.

I LOVE GALLERIA PIZZA! It's great food and fast service. Best in Rochester, amazing variety! -Bob B.

I love the calzones here! They are always made fresh and I can really taste the difference.

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