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We love coming to Tapas. They are so nice here and the drinks are always some of the best around.

Dining at Tapas was one of the most amazing experiences in Rochester. The staff was fantastic, and the food was outstanding. It really blew me away. It was way better than expected. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant, it was unlike any other place in the city. Simply put, I had a fantastic time! - Steven

I love everything about Tapas One Seventy Seven! The staff are excellent and good to their customers. Overall we had a very positive experience. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone! - Steven M. -

Tapas has excellent food and drinks. The bartenders are great, very kind and personable. I always have a great time when I visit, I've had some great times at Tapas.

Tapas 177 Lounge is a place with great food, friendly drinking atmosphere.

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