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Everyone who I have encountered with from FED USA Insurance- Wilcox Family have been very prompt and friendly at all times.

A friend of mine first told me about their experience with Wilcox Family Insurance and how happy they were doing business with the company. This made me switch over and I am very glad that I made that decision.

Fed USA Insurance has provided me with home insurance for my condo that is located in Fort Myers. I really have enjoyed working with the team at Fed USA over the past few years and will continue to use them in the future.

I've been with Fed USA Insurance for over a year now with David Wilcox and I couldn't be happier! Their team at the office truly goes above and beyond to exceed my expectations each and every day. They always provide me with clear and helpful responses to all my questions. As of now, I only have my auto insurance through them, but they also have home owners, commercial and term life insurances as well. I'm satisfied with my annual cost policy as much as you can be these days with insurance rates but they are constantly keep me informed of new coverage or discounts I can take advantage of. That's why I'm staying with them because they are AFFORDABLE for Auto Insurance. They are so easy to work with as I can always count in them. Fed USA has my back although I've never been in an accident but if there was something I know I can just call them to help. They're perfect! I'd highly suggest you give them a call! - Germon T.

I have used home owners insurance with Wilcox Family Insurance. I was very pleased with the help that they gave me.

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