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Extremely happy with the services that Dr. Hugh provides for my dental needs. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family without skipping a beat. Definitely the best dentist in New Hampshire.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Hugh to any needing dental services. I think that he does a really great job making sure that we are all taken care of and that we are comfortable throughout all of the procedures that we have to do.

I have developed such a good relationship with the doctors and staff in the office. My whole family went to Dr. Hugh's grandfather for dental before him. I would never go anywhere else.

Dr. Hugh's Dental is the place to go if you are looking for a good, efficient, friendly dentist. They are great people who are always there to accommodate you reeds. I have had only good experiences here and would highly recommend them.

The facility at Dr. Hugh's Dental is so clean you could basically eat off the floor if you wanted to. It is such a well organized office as well.

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