Main Street Wine and Spirits
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definitely my store of choice...they're nice and can always help me find what I'm looking for, as well as recommendations.

I have been coming to Main Street Wine & Spirits for over 4 years. Their selections is wonderful, and the store is very organized. I like how I am able to talk with everybody here, the staff is really friendly. I really can't think of a different wine & Spirits store to go to.

They have a great wine selection. Everyone who works here is so friendly and helpful, the prices are fair, and it's right around the corner from my house! I've been coming here for years, and wouldn't change a thing.

Main Street Wine is my choice spot in Ashland. I know almost everyone that works there, and every time I stop in I can find exactly what I want. They have a great selection which is always stocked, and their prices are very fair.

They have a great beverage selection as well as some home items, it's a one stop shop.

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